Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy birthday to Lily!

I am a very bad blogger lately. Lilys birthday was March third, and it's now April and I just realized it! She had a very fun birthday and got spoiled rotten! (She kept asking if Ava and Anabelle were going to take an airplane to her party:) We sure do miss those cousins!

At four Lily likes:
Playing barbies, watching Barbie in a Mermaid Tale
Watching Disney princess movies
Coloring, cutting, painting, gluing...for hours at a time
Knows how to write all her letters, can spell her name and a few other short words
Doing puzzles
Singing primary songs at the top of her lungs
Going to gymnastics
Playing doctor with her "doctor tools". She knows what each one's for, and gives an evil little laugh when her "patient" (me) has to get a shot.
Asking a million questions a day. "just because" is no longer an acceptable answer from me ;)

Stats: 32.8 lbs (31%)  40.5 inches (67%)

Friday, February 24, 2012

18 months

Didn't I just do this? Well I learned my lesson from the last doctors appointment, and this time McKade came with me. The boys are right on track with their development, and are healthy overall, despite them both being sick almost the entire month of January. As most of my posts usually involve the boys doing something naughty, I thought I should document the rare event of them actually being nice to each other. They started out sitting about two feet apart, and were trying to kiss each other, so I slid them together. Aww..

Jax: weight 23 lbs 7 oz (18%)   length 33.75 inches (87%)
His personality is coming out more and more. He loves loves loves the tag on his blankie. Loves to run it through his fingers, put his finger in it, loves to rub it against his cheek, and thinks everyone else wants him to do this to them too. He searches the edges of his blankie frantically when he's upset, looking for his tag. So cute..

Jet: weight 22 lbs (6%) length 33.5inches (82%) 
We got the boys a little basketball hoop for Christmas, it's probably about 4 ft tall. This little man can make a basket from a few feet back, from many angles, and often with a sippie in his other hand. And he doesn't just make it in, he "swishes" it. Yes, that just might be a little tear in the corner of McKades eye ;)

The boys have aways been on the smaller side with their weight, but have always gone up on the growth curve, untill this last time. Jet actually went down this visit. Our pediatrician was a little concerned, but said we'd watch and see what his weight is at 21 months. So if anyone has any helpful hints for helping little string beans gain weight, I'm all ears!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why it's only a matter of time before we end up in the ER

And also why we had to spend a fortune on a fancy new gate Jet can't climb.  These boys have no fear, and it is SCARY..

Monday, January 23, 2012


I have to say, that with me hating the snow and all, this has probably been my most very favorite winter. I can't say the same for poor Lily, though. She got snow clothes from Santa, and she has been dying to use them. Finally, after many days practicing making snow angels on the kitchen floor, it snowed a whole two inches! I stayed in the toasty warm house with the boys, while Lily made about fifteen snow angels.

I was feeding the boys lunch when Lily knocked on the back door demanding a "carrot nose." She had rolled all the balls for a snowman and stacked them up by herself! I didn't know she even knew how. She even found some little twigs from a tumble weed to make arms and some rocks for the eyes and mouth. 

She then decided her snowman was in fact a "snowman princess" and just wouldn't be complete without a tiara. She asks me every day when she can play in the snow again!

Monday, December 26, 2011


We had a fun, but busy Christmas this year. It was especially fun seeing Lily get all excited, she really got the whole Santa Claus thing this year. We were coming home from a party Christmas Eve, and we saw "Santa Claus" going into a house with his sack of toys. I had just told Lily that Santa won't come if your not in bed to get her to leave the party. So she got all stressed out when we saw this Santa, she kept yelling at McKade from the backseat "drive faster... NO! Don't stop at the red light, just go! Hurry, we're gonna be late!" 
Luckily we made it home before the big guy could see she wasn't in bed... And he spoiled all our kids rotten, of course. Although I don't know what "Santa" was thinking,  buying my destructive boys a t-ball set... not very smart. ;)

Poor Jax had a weird rash a few days before Christmas that caused his face to swell. His eyes were so puffy he could barely open them. He looks pretty pathetic in all the pics...

The girls with their American Girl dolls and matching outfits. Lily named her doll Molly.

Friday, November 18, 2011

15 months

I've said it before and I'll say it again, baby proof your office! I don't know why I keep thinking I can handle the boys at their checkups by myself. I was prepared this time. I had toys, snacks, binkies, books. It is impossible to keep two 15 month olds entertained and out of trouble in a 5x8 room for very long. I was literally dripping sweat like I had just run a marathon when I left. This stage is by far, hands down, times a thousand the very hardest stage so far. It really can't get any worse, can it? Please tell me it can't. Here's a sneak peak at the mayhem in the Colledge house...

I had to empty these shelves long ago. Now they try to climb them.

 They also did this same thing to Lily's room a few hours later, but I was too ticked to get a picture

I heard screaming, this is what I found. Jax's head is stuck. McKade had to undo the disposal to get him out.

Of course they are lots of fun and we love them, but man they wear us out!

15 month stats
Jet: 21 lbs 14 oz (12%) 32 3/4 in (89%)
Jax: 22 lbs 5 oz (20% highest % for weight ever!) 32 3/4 in (89%)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I've decided that Halloween is exhausting as a parent. Maybe that's just because my kids were onery and not very cooperative. We took them trick or treating to auntie Dano's house, grandma Leslies, and grandpa Dave's. They warmed up by the time we got to my dads, of course that was our last stop. Lily was Rapunzel, no surprise there since she has been obsessed since she got Tangled for Easter. The boys were both chickens, and really not too thrilled about it.

At Grandma Leslies

This was my attempt at a family pic before we left. didn't work out, as you can see.

Lily as Rapunzel. She was more excited about the hair than the dress.

In the car on the way to Dano & Derek's.

And Rapunzel fell asleep on the ten minute drive there, so of course was super onery when we got there and would not have anything to do with anyone or anything.

Derek sporting Rapunzel's hair in an attempt to get Lily to laugh...It didn't work but he sure looks good ;)

Jet (or Jax, I don't know) watching his weird uncle wear girl hair

Feeding my little chicks